January Giveaway

Posted by Maiko Kuzunishi on

We are back with giveaways this year. For this month, we are giving away our original 2015 Wall Calendar to 3 winners!
I originally made these calendars for my studio so I can read the dates across the room. 11x17 size gives ample room to jot down important events. As much as I love whimsical animals and what not, I totally believe that truly functional piece = great design. I also love typography and appreciate great typefaces. Hope you like it too!

Also - I'm trying out this Giveaway Tools instead of Rafflecopter. If you have preference let me know. I only set up these things, I don't actually enter anything for myself, so please tell me which one you like using!

UPDATE - I set up the giveaway app incorrectly so it only shows 1 winner. I'll contact all 3 winners via email. Sorry for the confusion!

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  • Mine would be to reorganise the closet and get rid of the stuff I no longer use.

    Neha Kaul on
  • I really want to focus on my mental health

    Linda on
  • I really want to work on being less fearful

    Donna on
  • My new year’s resolution is to plan my wedding and finally tie the knot!

    Amy on
  • My New Year’s resolution is to find a kickass place in midtown to finally move out of my parents’ house! I’m almost there already!

    My other BIG one is to design + launch my new blog by April. Because I think the world needs it.

    Meredith on

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