Looking back at past 10 years - Part 2 - Studio Spaces

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Work space has changed over the years. You know how you hear people start business in the garage. Well, mine started in a room above the garage. 

Working from home... 2007-2011

Look at me! I was hard at work watching Barney.. I was SO young back then... :D 

We owned a 3 bed room home and I have already converted one of the bedroom into a workspace for my freelance design work. That room was where I used to work most of the time until I started getting large volume order. Then I started having a major problem... 

watch me take over the kitchen floor no room to cook unless work is done

My clocks literally started to take over the entire house. It started from one room, dining room.. then the entire hall way and part of the living room. I knew I needed more space but already paying high cost to put my daughter in daycare plus paying for our health insurances I was not confident enough to take on more expenses for a new space and overhead that comes with it. 

But that's when my beautiful friend Erin contacted me and asked me if I wanted to share a space. I was working mostly alone so I loved the idea of being able to have a studio mate. It happened so synchronistically and out of the blue but it was exactly what I needed at the time. So we moved over to downtown Overland Park in Kansas. 

Studio in Overland Park... 2011-2013

It was great sharing space with Erin even though she may not have liked how messy my side of the space was. What can I say.. I am good at making messes! A lot happened during this time. If I remember correctly this is when I received wholesale inquiry from the Land of Nod. It was something else to see a buyer reaching out through my wholesale inquiry form online. Land of Nod has carried my products from 2012-2017. 

I think this was the first Land of Nod Catalog that my fawn clock was in... 

The Bauer Building... 2013-2015

After Erin decided to let go of her studio space, I needed to find a different space. That's when Ashlee told me about the space that they are renovating at the Bauer and I jumped on the opportunity. My space was located inside the wood shop on the first floor of the building. I ended up creating a mini loft space for my daughter to play on. I inherited Erin's awesome 4'x8' table which I still use every day. 

I'm back working from home now... a different home because we moved in 2015. 

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