Happy New Year!!

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How was your holiday? Hope it was filled with laughter and warmth with great friends, family and foods!

A year 2014 in reflection ....

We all have roles we play in our everyday lives. Don't we? For me, those roles are being a mom, a wife, a parent, an artist / designer and a small business owner. At times, we completely identifies ourselves as the roles we play forgetting that we are whole beings without them. Nature is helpful and has a way of reminding you of who you really are. Well, that's what happened to me in year 2014. The nature challenged me to disassociate myself from the roles I play. (yes.. ALL of them.)

It's not a good sign when you start feeling like what you owned start owning you. Everything felt so confusing to me, the identities were clashing, arguing between themselves and creating a lot of internal conflicts. Luckily, my external circumstances have facilitated me to eventually let go (And i have done this reluctantly) of my misguided identities. I came out of the huge storm of internal conflicts, being raw and real.

The experiences I've went through last year was simply amazing. I've definitely gained solid wisdom and how often can I say that? I've learned that fear is a great indicator that there's a room for growth. Pain is a sure pathway to become authentic. Feeling of humility is quite breathtaking! I've heard someone say "Only way is through." Indeed it's true. Nature is magnificent. It is Good. Who knew that accepting and facing the very emotions that I've runaway from is actually the only way to freedom?

Nothing sucks more than offering "happy, cute, whimsical" products while feeling down and sober. I mean... can you imagine?! when you feel absolutely rotten and you can't help yourself, but you have to smile and pretend things are ok, happy, cheerful... It feels SO wrong! Well, I'm happy to tell you that I am back to being optimistic and upbeat. Thank goodness!

This year 2015 is special because at the end of this month I'll be turning 39. The last year of being 30s. I don't know what that means exactly except that it is a good reminder to never waste any moment. :) That's always a good reminder at any age, no?

So the good news...

• I'm getting rid of some "failed attempt" designs. These are the ones that didn't make the main product line and didn't work with the process I developed. So I'll be selling that type of clocks/products at heavily discounted prices (basically I want to make back and recover the material costs so I can make new designs!) So keep an eye out for them in the next couple of months. They will be one of a kind so once they are gone, they are gone gone.

• I'll be offering promos via email subscriptions OR facebook OR Instagram. You don't have to sign up to all of them but you might want to sign up one of them to get discounted coupons. I am sorry twitter fans... I'm afraid I don't know how to use twitter.

• I've decided to be more organized so I'll have giveaways every month on time. I created a list of giveaway items all 12 of them. I'll be on top of it this year. Hooray! Check back at the beginning of the month every month for your chance to win an item. I'll attempt to make it semi-automatic so I don't actually have to upload on the 1st.

• New clocks and products are in the works. This month is booked solid with productions but I'm excited to get all new products out very soon! Announcements will follow. The best place to get the latest would be either facebook or instagram but I know and I don't blame you if you don't like facebook.. If you have a preferred method feel free to let me know.

• I'm thinking of ways to make interactions more interesting. I'm thinking about this right now but If you have any ideas let me know! 

Wishing you all beautiful 2015!



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