March Giveaway

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Spring is my favorite time of the year and it's just around the corner. My daughter's birthday is a day after the first day of spring and this time of the year makes me feel oh so bitter sweet. She is going to turn 7 this year. It's been our daily ritual that I carry her down stairs. I've been noticing that I can't rest my chin on her shoulder like I used to before. The other day, it freaked me out when she stood up on a foot stool. Her eye level matched with mine! All of the shoes I bought last year that were too big for her then, she outgrew them this year. These little things are what makes me feel bitter sweet. It's a constant reminder that time cannot stand still and that everything is changing all the time. Some day she'll have her own life and it urges me to pay attention to her even more.

For giveaway I was planning on a new clock, but it's taking a lot longer to set up a new photo booth for products so I have no pictures yet. I'm resorting to the good ol' owl clock which I love. I'm really liking the small ones because they feel a lot more intimate. The giveaway will be open for this month. One winner will be chosen randomly at the end of this month. Any information you submit (like your email) will only be used to get a hold of you if you are a winner. I do not collect your info.

Happy March!

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  • What makes me happy at the moment is I feel like I got enough sleep last night. Thanks for the giveaway!

    PuffyBiggler on
  • that owl clock. or the giraffe pic my friend just sent me.

    danielle marie on
  • Breathing makes me happy that I am still able to do so.

    Donnie Ball on
  • Whooo knows the time? Cool clock.

    Donnie on
  • Reading makes me happy! ;)

    Kevin on
  • My 2 beautiful kids

    Lindsey K on
  • My little girl Lilian makes me happy right now and her nursery is owl themed

    Brandi on
  • Love this sweet little owl

    Nicole on
  • I love cats and they really make me happy .

    Judy Thomas on
  • spring makes me happy !!

    samantha turnbull on

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