Fall Giveaway Is here!

It's been SO long! This month (at least in the US) we have Thanksgiving holiday. So what better way to say "Thanks!" in the big way than to offer one of our bigger clocks? (Thanks Erica for suggesting!)

One winner will be chosen randomly at the end of this month.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  • Kara

    Who ended up winning this adorable clock? :)

  • Sarah

    I love this clock! It would be perfect for my woodland-themed nursery. :)

  • Harmony Hanson

    Delightful designs! I’d love the bouquet clock in my reading room, or one of the cuckoo clocks to give as a gift.

  • Sharon S.

    This is a beautiful clock, it is quite special. I love everything about it – details are so artistic. I was admiring this very clock for myself and spotted the giveaway. This is my favorite clock by far. Delightful and charming!

  • LIZ

    The elephant! The squirrel! I’m nutty for either and both would look fantastic in my nephews bedrooms.

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