Hello from Decoylab! - July 2014 -

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Here is a summary of our recent events and what's cooking up here at Decoylab Studio.

• Leela (our daughter) is off from school for the entire summer. I wanted to spend more time with her, so I didn't sign her up for summer school. Now I realize it was a bit selfish act on my part. She might have enjoyed summer school activities rather than stuck with busy parents who can't pay all that much attention to her all day. That said, I like having her around with me even if its for my own selfish purpose. :)

Boulevardia was fun! We really don't do events or craft fairs so preparation was tricky and I was bit anxious for 3 weeks prior to the event. Friday night and Sunday turn outs felt about the same, but Saturday was explosive! (It was so windy all day long that day, everything got covered by the dust, which I did not like.) What I enjoyed the most of all from the event was meeting and talking to other vendors/sellers and went on a shopping spree at the end.

• We will be closed for the First Friday on June 4th. (We seriously need a time off.)

• We will be open for the First Friday on August 1st.

• August 3rd, we will be at Strawberry Swing Indie Craft Fair from 10 am - 5pm at Alexander Majors Barn.

• We'll be adding new products that are not clocks. :) We made them for the Boulevardia event and they did really well! So we are excited to make them available for our online shops. Oh and we have a couple of new mobile designs to add. Stay tuned!



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