Loving This: Kung Fu Robot App

Posted by Maiko Kuzunishi on

We want to spread a word about this great ipad app for kids (9+) called Kung Fu Robot. Written and illustrated by my friend Jason Bays and beautifully animated and programmed by Propaganda 3.

This would be a perfect app for boys old enough to read but still entertaining enough for a 6 year old like Leela to follow pictures and play "Wack-A-Ninja" game.

The first time I was introduced to the story of the Kung Fu Robot was 2002-3. When Jason and I used to work at the same ad agency. At the time he worked hard to get the publishing deal to release this story as a children's book. IPad was not invented in 2002! Internet and new technology have certainly helped creative individuals like us to do what we love and make a living.  

The volume one can be downloaded for FREE. Volume two which was released last month is available for $2.99 as in-app purchase.

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